Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality through an Innovative Health Program in Eastern Indonesia
MAR 01, 2017  ADMIN

Maternal, neonatal and child mortality ratios in Eastern Indonesia are considerably higher than in other parts of the country. Geographic access barriers, inequitable distribution of health personnel, decentralization-related implementation gaps, vector-borne disease including malaria and basic resource limitations have been identified as factors contributing to preventable deaths. In a study conducted for UNICEF Indonesia, we documented three inter-related program initiatives that attempt to address these gaps in Eastern Indonesia: Malaria in Pregnancy, Cluster Island approach, and perinatology mentorships. We identified challenges in the implementation and key lesson learned for future program implementation, replication, or scale-up. [More Information]

Researchers: Yodi Christiani, Agus Setiawan

Research conducted for: UNICEF Indonesia