Violence Free School in Indonesia: Exploring the Current Evidence and The Related Policies
MAR 01, 2017 by ADMIN

Violence against children cuts across boundaries of geography, race, class, religion, and nature. It occurs in homes, schools, alternative care system, penal system, and in the streets. Indonesia is urged to formulate further strategy on reducing VaC in school setting. Prior to policy and program strengthening, a comprehensive understanding on what has been studied about ViS and what policy and legal framework available nationally and regionally is necessary for the development of systematic and efficient action to end VaC in education setting. In this project funded by Save the Children Indonesia, we conducted a study to review the current evidence and policies related to violence against children in education setting (Violence in School – ViS), through a policy analysis through literature review and qualitative study. The findings indicate that Knowledge building around the issue of violence against children in education setting is critical to be developed to understand magnitude of the problem, dimension, and consequences of different types and severity of violence towards children studying in various type of education setting in Indonesia context. [More Information]

Researchers: Nur Jannah, Yodi Christiani, Umbu Raya, Dian Anakaka

Research conducted for: Save the Children Indonesia