Sexual Exploitation and Mental Health Status of Women Migrant Workers
MAY 15, 2016 by ADMIN 

Women migrant workers are vulnerable to be trapped in human trafficking for sexual exploitation purpose. These women may be exposed to various types of trauma among these women could affect their mental health. We explored gender based violence and the association between sexual trafficking and mental health problem among women who were victims of trafficking. The most common violence among women who were sexually exploited were sexual abuse, rape, forced use of alcohol and drugs. Sexually exploited women migrant workers had a high risk of developing anxiety, excessive use of alcohol, excessive use of drugs and behavioral changes. The findings indicate the importance to highlight drugs and alcohol rehabilitation in victim’s assistance program due to the prolonged burden of health, economy, and social issue of these disorders. [More information]

Researchers: Yodi ChristianiNur Jannah

Partner: World Health Organization Country Office for Indonesia