Hypertension and Obesity in Eastern Indonesia
MAY 15, 2016 by ADMIN

The research was conducted to describe the pattern of hypertension and obesity across ages in Eastern Indonesia. Study was conducted by analysing data of 2.820 men and 3,145 women aged 12 years or above, who participated in the 2012 Indonesia Family Survey (IFLS) – East. The prevalence of hypertension and obesity were calculated for three different age categories and compared between men and women. Fractional polynomial regression was applied to assess the pattern of association between age and systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), and Body Mass Index (BMI). The plots were then compared between men and women. The finding shows that in the Eastern part of Indonesia, the total prevalence of hypertension was more prevalent among men (25% among men vs 24% among women). On the contrary, obesity was more prevalent among women (6% among men vs 12% among women, p<0.05). The blood pressure, and BMI did not consistently increase across age. The high prevalence of hypertension and obesity, particularly among older women could lead to a high prevalence of chronic disease. These findings highlight the importance of screening for chronic disease risk factors and chronic disease prevention programs from early adulthood.

Researchers: Yodi ChristianiUmbu Raya